Message from Jesus from the spiritual world 35.


Into the more sacred activity of Jesus connects opposing the Creator’s injustices with own better example from that how one should act with humans. The Creator very rarely on the level of Jesus notices the well being of humans, but he has much further thought about these matters, and does not in this moment accomplish the Creator’s best interaction skills. Usually, a human is inclined into doing of injustice more than into more righteous activity, so is also the matter from the part of the Creator’s human essence, which causes to the Creator technical human thinking, while he has to fight in between own desires connecting to humanity and the Creator’s plans. But these both matters are according to Jesus completely in vain hindrances for interaction between humans, and always one should act as perfectly noticing from the part of others’ needs, and no one should with insolence accomplish oneself and one’s plans by bypassing others from their part. Jesus had to learn these manners noticing others as forced by the Creator, from which ensues also the lacks in Jesus’ understanding.

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