Message from an old man from the spiritual world II


You hear the unconscious thoughts of Jesus as inner mind’s messages. Fantastic thoughts in accordance with Jesus have been developed by Jesus already ages ago. Along coming Jesus’ writings compare Jesus’ entirety, us being Jesus’ followers. Nothing you have known about Jesus’ all covering injustice, which he has exercised already in earlier times. Jesus acted in the tasks of army very often, this being mandatory for the more able individuals in earlier times. Nothing greater speech you cannot achieve than what Jesus has said. This compares also the Creator’s speech while being so far out thought, that the Creator either is not able, as a physical entity, into more vast consciousness on a physical level. Then all thoughts are in use and there are no unconscious matters as bypassed. So, Jesus is able into activity on the level of the Creator in our world as well, from which we the men of church have always as content watched countless times our activity of Jesus. We the men of church assume that the Creator as well is in accordance with church, but when observing him also to be caring for demons, we observe him to be too demonic connecting to our activity. In addition to this he is caring for the entities of outer space, which increases our involuntariness towards the activity of the Creator, which may be due to our own lacks as well.   

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