Times of war


You were good to your humans also during the times of your wars, although no one could understand the meanings of war. In your wars you did so much injustice at times, that no one could understand the meaning of war from the part of the spiritual world. Although the wars made from you stronger to meet each other in the spiritual world, because all dangerousnesses strengthen your self-esteem, as long as you only solve the reasons and consequences of the event. Although these wars weren´t for your benefit because deceased spirits were with in the war, which destroyed complete Europe from its main parts. These spirits had demanded, that before judgment of damnation, they had to be permitted to do final war activity before from them one would get rid of finally. So, no one knew to wait for the final judgment except the spiritually dead, because this was in their own knowledge, and one did not speak about it in later times on the level of Bible either.

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