The third world war is today slightly further in the future than we can imagine on this day. We aren’t so going to cause a world war onto planet Earth during these days, but we are going to slightly make the mutual interaction of humans more difficult, so that you would know how the feeling is when everyone is hostile towards some nation.

We have plans everywhere, but into this there won’t come war action with, if humans don’t want this, which isn’t the situation on this day in the developed nations of ours. Into the war action would be required slightly more injustice, like destroying of nature with obscenities and very wrongful systems, in which it would be better to be after the war and with its consequences.

Everywhere there will be all kinds of war action. Also in our earlier times there was lots of war action, which will continue also in the future. This is due to the Creator’s deal with the more wrongful, that they can cause war action always when others have done too much injustice. This enables so war action very wrongfully. The third world war would require, that humans would become very wrongful, which again doesn’t hold good. But everywhere one was very kind to humans as well, when war can’t become started in this kind of world situation, which is of course a good matter for the ones living in the world.

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