The Sun

You are very wrongful in all your activity, which has a meaning. The meaning of all your functions is to make for everyone wrongful punishment activity also with the help from the Sun. Your Sun supports your activity while your are there in the world in very great proportions. All had to make very great experiences from injustice as well. Such activity compares all functions. Your measures in relation with everything was very dangerous, because never one was allowed to do injustice as more accepted, because it is injustice in even greater proportions. All had to have problems from injustice, and it isn’t allowed to accept. Injustice is so also activity hated by the Sun, because it thinks also your matters there on your planet Earth. In the spiritual world the Sun is as a spouse of the Divinity. The spirit of the Sun lives so in the dimension of Heaven as a spouse of your earlier Divinity in a human body, but also the activity of the Sun compares in very great proportions all your activity of the world as well. To the Sun there came very great problems from your Divinity, because He has abused also the functions of the Sun. Then the world has become cursed due to the activity of this Divinity.

The reality of the Sun compares the reality of the Creator while being as a projection living in the world as a human at times. All the Creator’s deals were very far reaching also in earlier times. Our task is to make problems for everyone as outsiders, also to the spirits of different heavenly bodies we are making mishaps. In everything there is very wrongful activity, so also in the activity of the Sun there is injustice with also as very far reaching. Everywhere one accomplished wrongful activity, which is also wrongful activity by the humans of the world.

You are very wrongful according to the Sun as well, because you are very darkness like, when the Sun on the other hand is very peculiar when compared with the human. All the matters of the Sun as well accomplish all the injustice. As our task in relation to the Sun is to create a more luminous world for our humans. All entities need more luminous activity, because the light is on purpose a good matter in suitable proportion.

The light of the Sun is the most healthy light in suitable proportion, because this light is also more giving of the spiritual strength. As more luminous all living entities need the light, because entities need light to accomplish injustice as well. Into the life of a human belongs also light, but no one has got true intentions when one has gained light, but entities function more wrongfully, because everywhere one accomplished very great plans also for us to gain more energy as well. This at times so increases wrongful activity, when entities gain their needed light. So we aren’t very wrongful while blocking the gaining of light from some entities, because so we decrease the amount of wrongdoing of these individuals, which makes the world less wrongful.

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