The return of Jesus on to planet Earth

The matters of our’s connected to the return of Jesus are such, that Jesus was to come onto planet Earth, that all would know also from the activity on the level of Heaven. Jesus did to all so much magics, that he had to come later back onto planet Earth, so that all could also feel Jesus to exist also on planet Earth. Jesus had very special thoughts in relation to the Creator, because he had to be in accordance with the Creator while living on planet Earth, because this is the Creator’s planet.

The return of Jesus onto planet Earth is very special in value, because Jesus himself wants onto planet Earth during this universe, as much as is possible. This is being prevented only due the activity of Jesus by the Creator. Jesus acted very wrongfully in the earlier universe, due to which Jesus can’t be let into the world without a good meaning. Because Jesus was very wrongful during the earlier universe.

The magics of Jesus have to be destroyed before the return of Jesus, this means that all have to know what Jesus meant with his sayings when he lived here on planet Earth in the beginning of chronology. Jesus has to so be fully realized or else Jesus doesn’t receive a permission to come here on planet Earth. Such takes place by studying the meaning of Jesus, and nothing more artificial can make it faster. Jesus is a good person, but at times very wrongful like is as a custom for the spirit entities on the level of Jesus. Because Jesus is very aware of matters, when he is able into very great injustice as well.

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