The planet Mercury

The closest planet to the Sun is Mercury. It has very far-reaching activity by protecting other planets from spiritual problems, while the planet is doing Creator’s work to increase understanding in relation with all the activity. All planets aren’t habitable even by the ones living in the outer space. Such a planet is Mercury as well, where one cannot live, but this planet’s meaning is to make everyone aware of the uninhabitability, so that one would understand, that all planets are in danger of becoming uninhabitable in the manner of Mercury. So for our humans as well it is very wrongful to do dangerous measures in accordance with all their functions, because a dead and uninhabitable planet, like Mercury is as well, is possible to take place by humans also to planet Earth.

Mercury is the smallest planet of ours in our nearby area. It is so hostile, that one doesn’t even last to think about it. Such environment depicts the fires of Hell on earth, when humans have some original understanding about a fiery environment.

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