The planet Earth

The everyday activity of planet Earth compares the Creator’s systems better than any other matter in the systems of the Creator. It is like a small-sized perfectness in our universe. We are very one-timed in relation to the matters of planet Earth, because it is in continuous state of change or more better said in state of development. So it is not on all even meaningful planets of our universe, but planet Earth is unique as an individual. All the Creator’s measures in relation to planet Earth are very meaningful. Because the Creator is only one entity, we have made from the planet Earth a planet belonging to him, where function the Creator’s independent systems, with which there comes all kinds of odd activity into the world. Because the Creator’s functions are the least wrongful of all, is the planet Earth more wrongful when compared with the Creator’s functions. This is slightly cryptic information about the planet Earth’s wrongfulness. Although the greatest part from our humans are very wrongful. So we did all kinds of activity from the part of everything.

On the planet Earth one lived slightly spiritually more wrongfully due to the position of the planet Earth in relation with the spiritual world in our universe. Any of the Creator’s writings either weren’t functioning in accordance with the spiritual world, from which ensued lots of unholy activity, which again led to war as well at its most dangerous, the planet Earth is very warlike towards other entities, because humans have so different thoughts on the area of the planet Earth. This acceptance of difference or praise has been slightly started already, so that also our humans of planet Earth would have some knowledge of other entities, and they wouldn’t do only magics for themselves, which very rarely lead to anything more healthy activity for our humans either.

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