In modern times there was lots of wrongful activity everywhere in our universe. Never there could have been this much sufferings as eased, because in modern times humans jad lots of caring for others’ sorrows. This is an accomplishment of religion, so also as a deed of Jesus.

All our entities are in modern times slightly peculiar in our outer space. A priest nation in our outer space is very wrongful, if one doesn’t give it all that it wants, will there come also on to our planet Earth very wrongful times. Later the priest nation will become destroyed, if they do more injustice than what is permitted, which won’t take place. All our entities of modern times are very literally religious.

The priest nation in our outer space functions very wrongfully, if they observe elsewhere injustice so much, that a change is needed for this area in question. The entities of all the ages do literally their work as very widespread always in accordance with possibilities.

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