The injustices of modern time I, II, III


The injustices of modern times I

You are very unknown to all still in modern times as well, from which dues activity taking place to all more wrongfully than was even imagined. You are not able to accomplish anything greater than the war activity of nations.

In modern times you can be as all covering up to later times accomplishing the Creator’s plans to decrease all injustice. You are in very great proportions starting a new age, before which everything old will become destroyed at least on the level of thoughts as unfit. From this dues war activity as well, so that all earlier will be cancelled a bit more wrongfully.

You are never completely aware of the activity of others in relation to everything, so the spiritual world can use secret persons to accomplish its plans as secret from the part of nations as well. So, you can not be more without injustice except by functioning on a high level.

The injustices of modern times II

You are good for your humans from the main parts in modern times, but never you can not become on the level of Jesus to accomplish yourselves, when all has been done with a good meaning, without the disadvantage brought by injustice with thoughts either for others.

Wrongful humans accomplish their all covering injustice with the help of currency, from which dues the destruction of nature as well. You will never be completely aware from your future times, but we can say that much, that after modern times nature will become destroyed less, because nature is very meaningfully with in this activity of yours, and you will not get along without the nature being in the top priority.

In modern times one was more wrongful than in earlier times indirectly. This dues from that no one was allowed to be killed in these days, but all had to gain in peace to accomplish injustices as well to other humans, which is unnatural. In the rackets of history, one has been much more punishing, when death sentence as well was much more in use. From nowhere one gained to know, that in modern times one fights wars as well, because never you could be more safely. The experience of safety is very harmful because it starts the humans’ vanity, from which dues more complex injustices.

The injustices of modern times III

In modern times one was more wrongful than in later times because this will become bordered so that no one has a possibility for own wrongdoings, but everyone will become decreased from their wrongfulness.

Nowhere there is not on a very high level either activity rewarding all the wrongful, which will become increased, that no one will not benefit from wrongdoing. So, you can better live your lives, because no one has not executed a more wrongful accomplishment more beneficially than an accomplishment without injustice.

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