The History of Mankind II

Date: 09.02.2013


Everywhere in our history of mankind one acted very wrongfully. In the history of mankind one was very unhappy as well. Everywhere in the history of mankind one was also with the Creator’s agreement very wrongful.

Everywhere in our history of mankind one has done injustice to other entities, which isn’t more especially true, because there are also ages, when injustice hasn’t taken place as much unlike one imagined.

In our history of mankind one has lived so very long times, during which everything went better than at other times. All the injustices were then suppressed, when all the wrongful entities weren’t able to function as freely as during more wrongful times.

All our entities had very wrongful agreements to function in the world more wrongfully than was even imagined. All our entities function so in accordance with the agreements and the agreements of the punishment system of the spiritual world are very terrifying.


All our wrongful entities functioned in the universes as humans, when everywhere there were humans during all the ages. Our wrongful entities, so all our entities, had lots of activity during earlier universes. Earlier universes are from their meaning in greater scale than the time of the present universe, so the situations taken place in this universe are as meaningful, but smaller from their scale when compared to the earlier universes.

Our earlier universes include all kinds of activity between humans, when the universes function in a similar manner for the spirit entities of humans. Humans had lots of wrongful measures in our earlier universes like also in the present universe.

All our earlier universes functioned for humans like this present universe. Everyone had good to be almost at all times. For the most, the matters have to be well always, or otherwise, the Creator’s systems would be destroyed, while the Creator is wrongful. Everywhere in our universes one acted in a very wrongful way in relation to modern times. This although is acceptable with the help from the Creator’s magics, when everything has its meaning and nothing takes place in vain. Vanity is wrongful activity most often, so such doesn’t in reality even exist.

All our entities have so good to be in the systems of the Creator when thinking finally, because everything has to advance in a continuous action, because without advancement, nothing could in the end even exist, when otherwise, everything would become destroyed finally. The injustices of all our entities have so advanced the universe, but at times entities harm themselves worse than was even imagined while doing injustice, so entities don’t always advance. This is the reality of the world that spirit entities can destroy themselves, although everything else advances.

Our wrongful entities are a bit abnormal than what to a greater extent have even been imagined. Our wrongful entities function everywhere in our universes, when nothing has been done without injustice in the end. All our wrongful entities functioned very wrongfully in the history of mankind.


While thinking historically, all the entities of the world are top of the mankind, because there lives all kinds of humans both young and old in perfect harmony most often. Everywhere in our mankind one acted very wrongfully in our earlier times. Mankind is so a very wrongful phenomenon.

Our entities functioned so in earlier universes as well. There one acted with injustice very much. All our entities have acted with injustice sometime in earlier times. Problems of humans are given birth usually from all the thoughts, which humans have. Humans acted so very badly with each other always at times, when danger is great for humans from other humans.

The injustices of humans have been most often due to thinking, where one holds something as a truth, which isn’t necessarily the truth. Although one believes into such beliefs always at times. Usually these kinds of phenomena are although very common without that there would be a danger from them.

The activity of mankind is weaker than was even imagined, because humans don’t always function very well in a final way. This is due to problems caused also by the Creator, with which humans don’t get along with each other. At times so even the Creator is causing injustice to other entities, when it is very difficult for humans to implement all their intelligence, if they should oppose in addition to all also the will of the Creator.


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