The events of the history timeline


You understand from history very little on these days because the scientific world does not handle possibilities, but is based on proved findings, and does not fill holes about what could have been also in addition to the found during time.

Rise of the dinosaurs – Extinction of the dinosaurs

11.11.2021 About the dinosaurs

14.11.2023 The destruction of the dinosaurs

Before of the last ice age – Beginning of the last ice age

11.11.2021 Peoples before the last ice age

Beginning of the last ice age – End of last ice age

11.11.2021 The start of the ice age

26.5.2023 Life together of the different human species

End of last ice age -3200BCE

3200BCE – 500

15.11.2021 About the philosophers

15.12.2021 Great stone landmarks

15.12.2021 The utilization of iron

15.7.2023 The beginning of Christianity

18.2.2024 The great kingdom of Europe


11.11.2021 Riders

6.8.2023 The Crusades


11.11.2021 Mammon


4.1.2022 Slavery


4.1.2022 Times of war