Date: 24.04.2013

The Creator’s magics are very wrongful to all our entities. With the Creator’s magics one has done so much bad activity, that no one has been shielded from it. The Creator’s magics are very terrifying to watch as wrongful, because the Creator’s magics harm the wrongful in very vast proportion.

The Creator’s magics are an unknown subject to everyone in our modern times, because the Creator’s magics are so hidden from the observation of humans. Humans are very ignorant of the Creator’s magic, with which one can do anything from the spiritual world to the world’s humans with the help from the Creator’s systems. All our entities functioned in this way in the Creator’s systems, where it is good to be as an entity without injustice, which is although impossible. By advancing one can although be less wrongful, which is in the best interest of all.

With the Creator’s magics one has been able to do good things also earlier, like it is nowadays as well. The Creator’s magics are less wrongful than any other human’s or entity’s. The Creator’s magics functioned in a very far-reaching manner by developing our matters. By using the Creator’s magics one can do matters, which are impossible to be done with one’s own strength.

The Creator’s magics functioned very systematically by advancing matters continually by studying how the matters could be made better functioning. The better functioning of matters is the activity of the Creator to a greater extent. With the help from all the magics of the Creator one can do marvelous things, which doesn’t although remain in the information of the world, because in the world, there is a very wrongful system, where one isn’t even permitted to speak of the matters connected to the activity of the spiritual world. At times in the world there although remains surprising things when the Creator’s magics are in action, which corresponds to miracles, which are in the light of today’s knowledge impossible to be true.

Our entities are more wrongful than was even imagined, because all our injustice is very wrongful in relation to everything. The Creator, although loves all his creatures, and he doesn’t hate them, even if they were more wrongful than was even imagined. Due to this, the Creator is a good human to everyone, and he doesn’t judge humans due to their acts of injustice.

The Creator is more guiding than is even imagined. Without the Creator’s guidance, humans everywhere would act without reason. Everywhere the Creator’s entities would act so very unreasonably, if the Creator wouldn’t be within the activity on the level of his thoughts. So the Creator guides the activity of humans in very great proportion. This takes place by using magic, when the spiritual world conveys information from the activity and thoughts of the Creator to other entities, when other entities become guided with the help from the Creator’s magic very much.

Our Creator has a good meaning to all entities, when our Creator is a very advancing entity to all his creatures. Into the activity of the Creator belongs writing writings, which have been written with a continuous activity during different kinds of lives. During these lives, he has lived in very many different situations. Historical writings have very often been written by the Creator while he lived in our world.

The Creator is a very wrongful entity, which doesn’t have although a will to do injustice, except in rare situations. He so acts the least wrongfully, which gives him lots of possibilities to act. The Creator, although has to necessarily do injustice due to his position, which is the greatest reason for his wrongfulness. The Creator’s advancing activity is so in every case wrongful, and its proportions are very great, when the Creator’s injustice exceeds the injustice of other entities. This is due to that nothing is without injustice anywhere.

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