The creation of the world III
In the creation of the world there have been done lots of injustice by the Creator and the Creator’s appliance. This injustice was blossoming in the beginning times of our world. This is due to that injustice is impossible to become overturned, if there isn’t awareness from the knowledge that is decreasing the meaning of injustice. Injustice had to be done in the beginning times more than nowadays, because nowadays there is much more knowledge from injustice in the spiritual world than there was this knowledge in our beginning of the universes.

The creation of the world has been done in the spiritual world, although everything else is also activity of the spiritual world. This took place instantly, so the creation of the world was for the mind of human a very quick event. Although the organizing of the world after the creation was very time consuming, but then already could all the entities be created, which had to become created in the beginning of the world. This compares all the knowledge in the Bible.

The entities of the creation of the world are very different than the fauna and humanity of present day. While creating the world it was more important to make lives very wrongful, because in our lives there is very much injustice, so the rules were set by outsiders, and one can’t do changes into those, because they function better than the Creator’s systems, where the Creator would like to appropriately do injustice to a lesser extent. Although this isn’t possible for the Creator due to the activity caused by the older outside system.

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