Tales about a side universe II

Published on 11.9.2012


Wrongful universes were wanted to be destroyed in modern times due to their wrongfulness. This happened to very many universes, but one can’t comprehend it with the thoughts of humans, but the Creator can comprehend it and others to some extent as well.

Our universes are very perfect constructions, where there are lots of lacks although. Our universes function in accordance with the Creator’s instructions. All the entities of our universes have to so accept the Creator, if they want to live in the universe. Otherwise problems are given birth caused by the Creator’s system.

All the wrongful entities should accept the Creator in modern times, when the Creator’s systems would function more orthodoxly for the advancement of all the matters. Wrongful entities don’t always want to accept the Creator, because they have in the Creator’s systems a wrongful position. Wrongful position is wrongfully good for the holder of the position, who abuses humans to achieve things for himself. This kind of position is at times possible for humans. Humans act in accordance with their position, when the wrongful position produces wrongful activity.

The state of being of all the wrongful entities of the side universes is a great injustice for the Creator’s systems. All injustice is in its peak in the side universes, because there aren’t the Creator’s systems so much, as there are in our universe. Our side universes function so painfully, when there is lots of injustice within the activity continually, almost more than in our universe of the Creator’s system.

All entities have lots of injustice with them, because the Creator is wrongful. Wrongful entities, which there are in the side universes, are still more wrongful than entities in the main universe. The functions of the side universes are much harsher than the functions of the main universe, because the Creator builds the functions of the main universe continually into better functioning. Side universes develop alongside with the main universe a bit differently, because in the side universe, there is less activity of the Creator.

In the side universes, one acts so usually among humans more wrongfully, because in the main universe one is so aware of everything in relation to the side universes. Our side universes are very twisted, because there is less Creator’s magic as well. With the Creator’s magic the side universes could also be more developed, but no one can replace the Creator’s functions, when the side universes leave behind from the functions of the main universe.



In our side universes, one acts as humans. Furthermore, on our planet Earth there are similar humans as there are in side universes. This means that everything is based on creating function, when life has begun by creating it with the creating function of the spiritual world, and the human entity is through examination the best form of existence of an entity in relation to functioning. Humans there have been already from the beginning of the ages in different worlds, which have existed for ages and times, when they function with very lacking information; such is usually the situation in side universes.

Our side universes are filled with very wrongful activity most often, because in those the entities which live there have most often deserved punishment activity due to their own wrongdoings.  Then one might end up into a side universe from planet Earth later in life, if one has functioned too wrongfully towards other entities, and punishment can’t be performed in our main universe.

Our main universe is very different than our side universe. In our side universes, there is perfect action a lot. This kind of activity is lacking more orthodoxly, because perfect functioning is impossible to exercise, but in our side universes, activity is held up at times as perfect functioning, which doesn’t although more orthodoxly hold good.

Our side universes functioned wrongfully to all our entities. All entities functioned in a very cursed way, which functions very wrongfully for all other entities. One did lots of curses for other entities in side universes, when the side universes become cursed due to cursed entities. All entities of the side universes developed their functions like we do in our main universe, when the side universes aren’t different from the main universe from their functions almost at all.

The universes which include all the entities aren’t although only side and main universes, but there are also universes, which have different kinds of activity than what there is in the similar universes to what the universe of planet Earth is. In these kinds of universes, it is possible to live like in a fairytale and there are lots of different kinds of possibilities to function with the help from different kinds of magics.



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