Date: 2.9.2013

In our today the scientific theories are very wide in range from their functions, unlike it was still some time ago. All the scientific theories of today are the most wrongful phenomena to a lesser extent. All your achievements on the level of the scientific theories are very wrongful activity. The entities of the entire scientific theories are very twisted magics, with which one gives everyone a permission to do injustice with scientific matters. Scientific matters are very wrongful for religious science personnel, because it is dangerous to be wrong for humans making science on the level of a religion, because they believe into matters so much.

In our scientific world, it’s very wrongful to study biological entities; this concerns so animal tests, where there is very much injustice with it. No one is perfect even as animal, but animal tests aren’t fair for animals. Furthermore, animals have got a spirit entity, which leaves always before a test situation from the animal into other dimensions, when the life of the animal has been ended very wrongfully. These kinds of spirits of animals can live also as humans later and earlier, when everyone has in the end same functions on the level of spirit both animals and humans.

Also materials belong to the spiritual world, when one shouldn’t do injustice to materials either without a reason especially. Very often the materials have been thought to be completely unconscious, but the matter isn’t so although, but the spiritual world functions also in materials, when from everything, it is possible to compile a spirit entity that can be qualified for human life as well. This is very real in an activity on the level of the spiritual world. The materials can so do all kinds of magic on their own as well; this only isn’t directly researchable, because the spiritual world functions always perfectly unnoticed, unless one only isn’t experienced to observe such matters on the level of studies.

All the earlier functions connect into today’s life, when nowhere have been matters that are not connected to life. This is as a tip to the consciousness of today’s human that not even in a laboratory one can’t close life out from influencing into matters. The modern science so strives to make theories and depictions about everything, how matters function very mechanically without intelligence, which is very cursing also to the scientists, because they study matters without understanding their functions thoroughly. Then they become cheated very much, when they believe that science is the most developed level of action.

Our academic world is very wrongful, because it strives to close off the thoughts of the Creator away from theories, so that everyone would feel themselves to be as more intelligent than the Creator. This kind of thinking is very doubled up, and it gives a good mind, but it isn’t however the most intelligent activity possible, because everything connects to everything and one can’t border matters, for example, into sciences separate from each other, else than in the rigid academic systems. Finally, everyone should so study with their own life the surrounding world and not only to run tasks driven by one’s profession, which they don’t understand fundamentally, so we become cheated with the systems of modern world into imagining that we are the best of the Creator’s creations, because no one believes in the end into the explanations given by the scientific world, but everyone has fundamentally information how the world has finally been constructed. This information is as information of the spirit entity, but it doesn’t always get through on to the level of the physical world for everyone.

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