Your sceptics have all opposing spirit entity as their soul preventing activity. All cooperation of the sceptics is very difficult, because they have rebellion gear on, and they aren’t willing to believe into anything, but argue against due to the smallest vagueness as well. All outsiders as well await only for their mistake, to be permitted to punish all sceptics, when they’d need help from the spiritual world. 

The emotional state of the sceptics is terribly stressed, and they don’t enjoy from serene state of mind truly at all. No one has for the sceptics any good to say, because they are truly pedants in a more general sense. The distrustful attitude of the sceptics is mainly as a burden for other humans, if they are suitably critical, and won’t either hit over with the help from gullibility. Sceptics are like as an opposite force for the gullible, which is although slightly strayed, because denying belief is for the spiritual world only a burden, and isn’t either beneficial activity for humans, but the human has descended on to the level of straining others.  

All the measures of the sceptics are very wrongful, because they believe them to be as the only sceptics, and don’t understand, that other sceptics are also having a different opinion with them. The thinking of a sceptic is closed into autonomy, and sceptics don’t have almost at all own viewpoints into matters, but he only strives to prove own disbelief, although this should be almost fully in vain, if the sceptic would be right minded already from the beginning. Proving is mostly dishonest influencing of others and closing matters.    

Sceptics are as all covering opposing the Creator, but they have often quite high intelligence, which functions well as worldly, but the spiritual world doesn’t appreciate this kind of intelligence, because it is based on functioning side persons, with which there isn’t any activity of the spiritual world as such human. Because our sceptics as well function well as wrongful, as a punishment there will come the suppressing of the spiritual world even further than how it was earlier. So, the human gets into problems, because without the activity of the spiritual world from the human finally exits the soul on the level of spirit from the body, which leads into great hopelessness, from which a human doesn’t have himself knowledge of.  

All the most straying sceptics have a soul, but on the other hand their soul lies to the body, when a human has become fooled by himself. With such functions one strives to prove, how all is spiritless and so one gains another dimension for humans, where there isn’t spiritual activity at all, this is a completely delusional measure, because the eyes of the spirit are then closed, and then a human isn’t able to observe on the level of spirit his surroundings. Also, the hearing one can so close and a human doesn’t then hear messages from the level of the spiritual world.  

Because you are very meaningful as humans of the world, you can get along better without your soul as well, if the activity of the world would cause for your soul harm more than living with a soul. 

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