Questions to Satan 2

Questions to Satan 2



Q: Are you the worst entity of all from all entities?

A: I’m very badness like, but not although perfect in my badness.

Q: How does badness manifest in you?

A: So that I act in accordance with badness in everything.

Q: What kind of activity does this mean?

A: From it one isn’t allowed to tell to a world’s human.


Q: Are you that, which is called as Satan?

A: I’m the entity called as Satan, this kind of information isn’t very dishonest.

Q: How are you like, are you such, as one imagines in the world Satan to be?

A: I’m not precisely such as I would be with the information of the world, because into the world one has spread misleading information from my activity.

Q: Why isn’t there true knowledge of you in the world?

A: In the world there is to some extent true knowledge about me, but not although ever completely as the matters are in the spiritual world.


Q: Who is, in your opinion, the most wrongful entity?

A: It is the Creator.

Q: In which way is the Creator the most wrongful entity?

A: The Creator is so vast spirit entity, that one can’t do greater injustice than what the Creator does.

Q: Do you strive to be wrongful in your activity?

A: I do strive to at times, although I’m more badness like than anyone else, when I don’t concentrate into doing injustice, but into perfect victory parade from the part of goodness.


Q: What do you think for the world’s humans?

A: The world’s humans are on a high level under my influence.

Q: What kind of influence to you inflict to the world’s humans?

A: The world’s humans are on a high level as my target.

Q: How does your influence show in the world?

A: It shows in such a way, that I’m very wrongful to all the entities of the world, because I’m this kind of the most wrongful on a high level in the minds of the humans of the world.

Q: What does one think of you in the spiritual world?

A: That I’m the most wrongful a bit less than what is imagined about me in the world. Humans had to only educate in the history about goodness and badness, so that everyone wouldn’t only do injustice without knowing it.


Q: Who are important entities to you?

A: They are angels no matter what.

Q: How are these angels like?

A: They are angels of badness, which live here in Hell on a high level.

Q: How is your relation with them?

A: Angels implement all the Hell’s functions, into which I also belong.


Q: Where do you live?

A: I live everywhere in the spiritual world, although not in the areas inhabited by angels. In Heaven I can also visit at times.

Q: What do you do, for example, in Heaven?

A: Developing of all the good humans in the knowing of badness. I’m there physically at times so.

Q: Are you always accepted in Heaven?

A: Heaven is slightly more factual from its information than our miserable planet Earth, when in Heaven even to me there aren’t said on a high level anything more strange. Problematic information.


Q: How old are you?

A: I’m slightly older than was even imagined, but not although as myself. I act as a bit renewed. Some time ago I was from my soul a different entity. This is due to the final judgment.

Q: Are you although him who is called as Satan? What do you mean that you were a different entity from your soul?

A: As Satan I have been short time ago, I’m different from my soul than what Satan was in modern times. This is due to the final judgment, where perfectly deceased were destroyed and into their bodies was a new spirit entity created.


Q: From what have you come to be?

A: I’ve come to be from the Creator’s appliance.

Q: How has this taken place?

A: I was created to make everyone’s matters good.

Q: Have you succeeded in this?

A: I haven’t, because I have betrayed my meaning. This belonged to the plans by the Creator.

Q: Are you so nowadays different from your meaning than when you were born?

A: I’m except in the Creator’s opinion, because I have changed to become hateful towards the Creator’s systems later on.

Q: What does the Creator expect from you?

A: That I do destruction works to the Creator’s systems, so that nothing inoperative would get in power in the systems.


Q: Do angels exist?

A: Of course, because angels are spiritual world’s basic elements.

Q: Where do the angels originate from?

A: From realizations taken place during humans’ lives, when angels are born once we have understood very clearly matters, which the Creator’s systems can appreciate.


Q: Do demons exist?

A: They do indeed, demons are also as Satan’s underlings at least partly.

Q: Are demons harmful to humans?

A: Not always, but my demons are always as enemies to humans.

Q: For what reason does a human become an enemy to you and to some demons?

A: Because they have been more wrongful than is permitted according to demons.


Q: Why do you communicate with me?

A: I communicate because it is beneficial activity to me.

Q: How do you gain benefit from it?

A: I benefit with all kinds of influencing possibilities.

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