Questions to a moderator of the spiritual world

Date: 4.2.2014


Q: What kind of an entity are you?

A: I’m a very wrongful entity. As an entity, I’m so old, that the others don’t understand me, except comparable entities.

Q: How do your strengths cause ignorance in relation to others?

A: I’m as a stronger one slightly more aware of matters than others.

Q: How are you a wrongful entity?

A: So, that I cause lots of different kinds of changes to humans with the magic of the moderator.


Q: Why are you called a moderator of the spiritual world?

A: Because of that I’m the man in between the Creator’s systems and our inhabitants.

Q: How do you act as a man in between?

A: The man in between does such work, in which the spiritual world has gained someone to doubt the righteousness of the activity of the spiritual world, when I have to explain the entity, from where everything results from, so that the faith into the Creator’s systems wouldn’t sway in the minds of humans.


Q: What kind of area are you living in?

A: I live in a very wrongful area, where there are demonic entities doing work of the spiritual world.

Q: What is the name of this area in which you are living?

A: Hell from what I’ve heard, we don’t ourselves call this Hell, because this is our home.

Q: How is it like in there on the level of the physical world when compared to the planet Earth?

A: On the level of the physical world one is very wrongful to other entities here, which are in the system of the Creator very wrongful.

Q: I which way?

A: One kills humans here quite a lot always at times, because they are more wrongful to our systems of the Creator.


Q: Why are you living in Hell?

A: Because Hell is a very wrongful place for everyone, who has acted wrong.

Q: What is in relation to injustice close to you?

A: Punishment activity which takes place to everyone, because I’m a wrongful entity, which needs motivation for his work. I believe so better into the functioning of everything.


Q: Have you lived on planet Earth?

A: I’ve lived on planet Earth very short time ago also.

Q: What have you done while living on planet Earth?

A: I’ve acted with the help from the advancement of nations, when I’ve been let to accomplish the meaning of my own life.

Q: Why aren’t you living on planet Earth on this day?

A: Because I’m a very harmful entity at times. Even the Creator doesn’t like from me much, although I’m an eternal entity.


Q: What belongs to your tasks of the moderator?

A: I have to inform humans from the problematic information of the system.

Q: Why is such necessary?

A: It’s necessary, because humans can’t always say what kind of injustice has confronted them.

Q: How does this kind of information help humans?

A: It only helps humans, because they don’t always know the reason to the injustice, they’ve confronted.


Q: How does your influence show to humans?

A: The moderator shows to humans only through channelings from the spiritual world.

Q: Don’t you have visible influence?

A: I don’t, because the spiritual world functions like this.

Q: How do humans receive your influence usually?

A: Humans often look askance at me; that is why I’m so wrongful.

Q: So for what reason are you wrongful more accurately?

A: Because of that, I’m so important entity, without which when speaking broadly nothing would function like this.


Q: How old entity are you?

A: I’m 12000 years old from my spirit entity.

Q: How old are you physically?

A: Physically, I’m 2000 years old.

Q: Are you in your opinion old when compared to other entities?

A: I’m not old but otherwise.


Q: What is the reason to your wrongfulness?

A: I’m an entity of the spiritual world and also otherwise wrongful; my level of development is very high although. My injustice is only due to all-inclusive injustice of mine by using my position.

Q: Would you be as wrongful without your task as a moderator?

A: I’m created as a moderator, so I couldn’t be without this position, on the other hand, sometime after very long time in place of me, there will come another moderator, who will take my place, and I will move from moderating to somewhere into a life serving more myself.


Q: How old are you physically?

A: I’m 2000 years old.

Q: How can you be so old from your body?

A: I’m so old physically, because in the world of spirit entities outside the physical world one can live also in the systems of the Creator.

Q: Doesn’t your body become old like the situation is on planet Earth?

A: Bodies don’t age in the spiritual world, and they can also be repaired better than in the physical world.


Q: How are you like from your outlook?

A: I’m dark haired, an entity equipped with short hair, which is slightly rugged from his characteristics.


Q: Who is according to your knowledge the most wrongful entity?

A: The Creator from what I’ve heard.

Q: Where do you know this from?

A: Because the Creator has himself told me this matter to be so.


Q: How have you acted in earlier times?

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