Date: 4.2.2014

Q: What kind of an entity are you?
A: I’m a very wrongful entity. As an entity, I’m so old, that the others don’t understand me, except comparable entities.
Q: How do your strengths cause ignorance in relation to others?
A: I’m as a stronger one slightly more aware of matters than others.
Q: How are you a wrongful entity?
A: So, that I cause lots of different kinds of changes to humans with the magic of the moderator.

Q: Why are you called a moderator of the spiritual world?
A: Because of that I’m the man in between the Creator’s systems and our inhabitants.
Q: How do you act as a man in between?
A: The man in between does such work, in which the spiritual world has gained someone to doubt the righteousness of the activity of the spiritual world, when I have to explain the entity, from where everything results from, so that the faith into the Creator’s systems wouldn’t sway in the minds of humans.

Q: What kind of area are you living in?
A: I live in a very wrongful area, where there are demonic entities doing work of the spiritual world.
Q: What is the name of this area in which you are living?
A: Hell from what I’ve heard, we don’t ourselves call this Hell, because this is our home.
Q: How is it like in there on the level of the physical world when compared to the planet Earth?
A: On the level of the physical world one is very wrongful to other entities here, which are in the system of the Creator very wrongful.
Q: I which way?
A: One kills humans here quite a lot always at times, because they are more wrongful to our systems of the Creator.

Q: Why are you living in Hell?
A: Because Hell is a very wrongful place for everyone, who has acted wrong.
Q: What is in relation to injustice close to you?
A: Punishment activity which takes place to everyone, because I’m a wrongful entity, which needs motivation for his work. I believe so better into the functioning of everything.

Q: Have you lived on planet Earth?
A: I’ve lived on planet Earth very short time ago also.
Q: What have you done while living on planet Earth?
A: I’ve acted with the help from the advancement of nations, when I’ve been let to accomplish the meaning of my own life.
Q: Why aren’t you living on planet Earth on this day?
A: Because I’m a very harmful entity at times. Even the Creator doesn’t like from me much, although I’m an eternal entity.

Q: What belongs to your tasks of the moderator?
A: I have to inform humans from the problematic information of the system.
Q: Why is such necessary?
A: It’s necessary, because humans can’t always say what kind of injustice has confronted them.
Q: How does this kind of information help humans?
A: It only helps humans, because they don’t always know the reason to the injustice, they’ve confronted.

Q: How does your influence show to humans?
A: The moderator shows to humans only through channelings from the spiritual world.
Q: Don’t you have visible influence?
A: I don’t, because the spiritual world functions like this.
Q: How do humans receive your influence usually?
A: Humans often look askance at me; that is why I’m so wrongful.
Q: So for what reason are you wrongful more accurately?
A: Because of that, I’m so important entity, without which when speaking broadly nothing would function like this.

Q: How old entity are you?
A: I’m 12000 years old from my spirit entity.
Q: How old are you physically?
A: Physically, I’m 2000 years old.
Q: Are you in your opinion old when compared to other entities?
A: I’m not old but otherwise.

Q: What is the reason to your wrongfulness?
A: I’m an entity of the spiritual world and also otherwise wrongful; my level of development is very high although. My injustice is only due to all-inclusive injustice of mine by using my position.
Q: Would you be as wrongful without your task as a moderator?
A: I’m created as a moderator, so I couldn’t be without this position, on the other hand, sometime after very long time in place of me, there will come another moderator, who will take my place, and I will move from moderating to somewhere into a life serving more myself.

Q: How old are you physically?
A: I’m 2000 years old.
Q: How can you be so old from your body?
A: I’m so old physically, because in the world of spirit entities outside the physical world one can live also in the systems of the Creator.
Q: Doesn’t your body become old like the situation is on planet Earth?
A: Bodies don’t age in the spiritual world, and they can also be repaired better than in the physical world.

Q: How are you like from your outlook?
A: I’m dark haired, an entity equipped with short hair, which is slightly rugged from his characteristics.

Q: Who is according to your knowledge the most wrongful entity?
A: The Creator from what I’ve heard.
Q: Where do you know this from?
A: Because the Creator has himself told me this matter to be so.

Q: How have you acted in earlier times?
A: I’ve acted a lot among humans. I’ve lived lives over there.
Q: How have your lives usually been?
A: My lives have been slightly difficult like others have as well.
Q: What have you done usually while living in the world?
A: I’m very wrongful to other entities while rolling in nations. I’m so often within the activity of nations always in some way.

Q: Have you got information about the entities of outer space?
A: I have information about them, like also others have who know about something.
Q: What is this information?
A: The information is information connected to the activity of the entities of outer space.
Q: Would there be something to tell about your information in your opinion?
A: I could tell that much, that the Creator’s systems are very wrongful to our entities of outer space.

Q: What is included in your information in relation to religions?
A: Religions function wrongfully while humans believe all what the religions have invented in their own system as matters to be believed by the people.
Q: Are the matters so more invented matters without basis in reality than truths in religions?
A: Religions compare reality well.
Q: Could you tell a bit more about it, how religions compare the reality?
A: Religions compare the reality with very tiny spectrum.

Q: Are all entities functioning?
A: They are from what I’ve heard.
Q: Aren’t there so in your opinion entities functioning badly?
A: All entities function in accordance with the system.
Q: How has this been made possible?
A: The Creator has made it possible with his own activity.

Q: How is the situation of planet Earth today in your opinion?
A: In my opinion, planet Earth will have problems.
Q: How will these problems be like mainly?
A: They are slightly shocking information for you as well.
Q: Could you tell something more about those problems?
A: I could; they are such that in our outer space, there are in our systems of the Creator all kinds of horrible matters for you as well.
Q: What does this mean for planet Earth?
A: It means such a matter, that no one is allowed to be more wrongful on our planet Earth when compared with the entities of outer space, or else from our outer space one can do harm to your planet Earth.
Q: What kind of can this harm caused by the entities of outer space be like?
A: Harm can be as terrible as you can imagine.

Q: How would you like humans to live in the world?
A: I’d like humans to live good lives.
Q: What can prevent achieving this goal in your opinion?
A: It can be prevented by all the wrongful activity, when humans are harmful to each other.
Q: Where does this wrongful activity come from in your opinion?
A: It is due to humans’ own incomprehension in relation to matters.

Q: What kind of area are you living in?
A: I live in a dimension of the spiritual world.
Q: How is it like in there?
A: Here lives all kinds of humans like also on our planet Earth.
Q: What kind of environment is it there?
A: Here is such an environment, that everywhere there are all kinds of construction.
Q: Is the area more developed than what is on planet Earth?
A: It is, from what I’ve heard.
Q: What is more developed in there?
A: Here is slightly more developed than in there due to the entities of outer space, which there are also in this dimension.

Q: What do the humans of the world think of you usually?
A: The world’s humans don’t think about me almost anything; I talk to spirit entities.
Q: Do the world’s entities know about you?
A: They know a lot, because I talk to them in another way. They although can’t identify me as our moderator.
Q: How is this other way of talking?
A: This other way of talking is depictive talking, where I’m within the activity in different ways indirectly.

Q: What do you know about the final judgment?
A: The final judgment is a good matter for everyone, with it were spirit entities killed more than one even imagines. With the final judgment, matters were only made better by removing the deceased spirit entities.
Q: When did the final judgment take place?
A: It has happened very wrongfully to the Creator, because he is very wrongful to humans. It took place sometime in earlier times in our modern times.

Q: What do you think about Jesus?
A: Jesus is a very functioning entity from what I’ve heard.
Q: What does this mean?
A: Jesus has everywhere good features; he is although wrongful like others.

Q: Are you in your opinion beneficial as such as you are?
A: I’m of course; I’ve been created like this, when I do everything perfectly well.
Q: What use is there of you?
Q: I’m very balancing in relation to difficult matters, when humans understand with my help to get along better with the help from the Creator’s systems.

Q: What is the future of planet Earth like according to you?
A: On planet Earth there has already been better times, but the future could be slightly more difficult than you even imagine. The entities of outer space are also laughing at you only.
Q: How is this more difficult future going to be like?
A: More difficult future is more exciting than you can even imagine, but no one is allowed to gain information about it by themselves. The entities of outer space are very meaningful in that matter.

Q: Will you come to live on to planet Earth in later times?
A: I will from what I’ve heard.
Q: What will you come to do on planet Earth?
A: I’ll come there to do work of the spiritual world on the level of a moderator, but from this, no one is allowed to receive information while being in the world.

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