Problem 10.: Humans’ failed relationships 


Solution from the spiritual world 

You are as all covering in very great proportion interesting on the level of social interaction. Social interaction functions very meaningfully on the level of everyone, from which dues that you aren’t able to act with all covering injustice. Nowhere there is so much all covering injustice than in the world in your wars. Such are the greatest failed relationships, because in wars as well there are as parties such humans, whose interaction didn’t succeed in relation to everything. So, it’s very meaningful to be likeable and to have ability to tolerate others’ difficult thoughts. 

Because nowhere there isn’t all covering experience of injustice, you can be a lot in dealings while living in accordance with the entities of Heaven. While living in accordance with Hell there will come forth this phenomenon of destroying of injustice, which has very great proportions. In any way you haven’t done anyone’s injustices without own causing, when into everyone’s authority belongs the activity of oneself, and from this one can’t blame even the state, while it drives the matters of humans into more chaotic direction towards war. You are all guilty in such a situation, and so it’s the best to be in some way influencing into the matters of others in a good way, so that oneself wouldn’t become judged guilty in relation to this kind of war activity. The spiritual world is very wrongful, and doesn’t tolerate any stubborness from you, it also strives to in its judgements into very great and all covering judgement, and doesn’t let got by pardoning, because it would be very allowing for injustice, although the judgement isn’t meant as an extra punishment. 

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