In our past lives we have acted very wrongfully without exception. Our lives are very far reachingly with in the Creator’s plans. In our past lives we did very great things from the part of everyone, because all have meaningful lives from the world’s point of view. Especially like this one gains occult meaningful lives for everyone.

We were in very great scale with in all kinds of activity in earlier times, because the Creator destroyed the matters of everyone to a lesser extent. With the Creator’s deals we do lots of all kinds of activity, when we are very far reachingly with in life.

All humans have to know their past lives, because they have a so great meaning for the spiritual world. So that one could know these, a person needs to make the Creator’s deals, when the Creator helps in researching past lives. Persons have then so information from that what he has done in earlier times. So that one could gain clarity from this, is channeling either subconsciously or by listening the spiritual world the best method into doing this research. All our entities acted during multiple lives also on planet Earth, when all of its inhabitants of today have past lives lived, from which one can find also information with the help from the spiritual world and with the information of the physical world at times.

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