Occultic writings II

Occultic writings function very far-reachingly for humans of the world. Occultic writings are very far-reachingly within our consciousnesses. Everywhere one was in a very great consciousness with the help of the occultic writings. We have started, in a very great capacity on this day, to build greater scale of the occultic knowledge. This is due to that in modern times in religions one had to be only good to humans, but the spiritual world is also badness like, when naive thoughts about goodness are doing slightly harm.

With our occultic knowledge we are very far-reachingly within our activity. Everyone should be very right minded. But everyone isn’t right minded, from which ensues activity taking place in every way, which has long consequences. This concerns areas, which are very wrongfully in dealings with the spiritual world.

With occultism we can do all kinds of witchcraft, from which there is also benefit. This kind of activity is very troublesome, because in it we do injustice on the level of thoughts. Occultism is a very old form of religion, with which one makes everywhere activity better with the religious mystics’ methods of gathering information.

Because in our religions there is so much information received from earlier times, one should delve into matters also with modern information, so that humans would keep belief into the message of religions. Such activity is very meaningful, when the creation and upholding of religions belong into the tasks of the religious humans also in modern times, but this has been prevented with the help of institutionalization, when institutional religions are very difficult to bring to life again.

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