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Noldoran family had more of all skills than other humans. All elves as well were entities similar to humans, which weren’t although eternal from their lives. Noldoran was some elven family, which Fenor had found good for himself. This kind of activity of the Creator was very meaningful during the tale, when everywhere one did injustice on the level of the Lord of the rings.

Fenor was a very innovative entity, which had the spirit of the Creator within. Such was very rare opportunity for the Creator, because he lives always in only one body at once on planet Earth. All the functions of Fenor were very wrongful due to the spirit of the Creator, but he was very innovative really for him to develop the cultural system also for later times.

Fenor had, more better said, slightly more demanding than what there is in modern times for anyone, because he was held as the Creator on earth, when also the valars wanted religiously a religion from him. Into this Fenor didn’t agree, because he was held only as a spirit entity without abilities more peculiarly. Fenor had everything so much, that also the more foolish humans held him as a very special entity.

Fenor’s action was very much in accordance with wrongfulness, because Fenor had a very wrongful writing, which he had made for his sons due to swearing of an oath. All our most wrongful entities were for Fenor very good, because Fenor was the Creator, when all humans were more good to him.

Fenor had Melkorin as an enemy, whom acted very much in accordance with injustice also in Valinnor. All the wrongful entities had problems similar to those of Fenor with Melkorin. Everywhere was wrongful, then when Fenor was within the true life, which was a long time, because the elves lived also many thousands of years at a time. More orthodoxly this kind of life on planet Earth is magnificent to look at. All the aches could also heal better in this kind of world order with the help of the spiritual world.

Fenor was talked about as the Creator on earth. He so was known to be the Creator. All the functions of Fenor’s writings in earlier times were writings on the level of Tolkien, because Tolkien was a creator entity, which develops in later times on to the level of the Creator. As an entity on the level of the Creator, he’ll write also in later times writings on the level of the Creator.

All the functions of all the entities of Noldoran are very wrongful matters, because the Creator does matters injustice containing, so that everything would develop better.

At the time of Noldoran one was very well within life. Everyone had so much property as well, like it is in modern times as well. At the time of Noldoran the Creator conjured very many matters for the inhabitants of planet Earth, when the wares conjured by the Creator were very wrongfully within life. In our systems of the Creator there is very much injustice from the part of goods. The goods were in a very far reaching way within life.

Also swords were achieved already at that time very devilishly. The Creator conjured everyone clothes, with the help from which one could be like a snob. In modern times everything had to be done with one’s own strength, in our systems of the Creator there is although this kind of time, when the Creator’s systems made phenomenally objects for our humans of the world and for our elves like also for other species.

Noldoran was an elven family, which had lots of influence during the first age. Everyone hid during that time from the Noldoran as elves, because no one had more influence than the heads of the Noldoran.

Noldoran had very influential activity more than was even imagined. This was due to the level of Fenor’s activity, being going to the end kind of activity.

In the Noldoran there was good going on. Sacrifices ended in the activity of Noldoran, because Fenor couldn’t stand it. All the entities of Noldoran sacrificed only their good things. Never there had been a so good going on. Also Melkorin envied them. If he had known more of the Creator’s activity, he might have taken Saunron with into the group, when Saunron would have made Melkorin his own minion, and would not have become cursed submissive to Melkorin as an entity , which wanted although to become an underling of Melkorin however, this being more suitable for the Creator than leading.

Noldoran was an elven family using very strange powers, in which Fenor was the most meaningful while thinking of later times. Fenor was the Creator on earth, when he had intelligence the most from all entities. Noldoran did much good work in accordance with the valars, when the valars accepted the Noldoran family perfectly. The valars were problem repairing entities of outer space who had come from the outer space, and who had to repair matters on planet Earth. All valars didn’t accomplish this, but wanted more to rule planet Earth, into which the Noldoran answered by abandoning the valars and leaving from Aman into Middle-earth.

At the time of the Noldoran one was better within life than in modern times, this was due to that in modern times one was slightly more wrongful than when Noldoran was in action.

In our Noldoran one did much injustice with armed forces, because Noldoran was a very militaristic elven family, with which one did much injustice to elves and orcs. Also humans experienced this as very threatening, and strived to become their allies while functioning in accordance with everyone.

Noldoran was a very wrongful family, which had everything a lot. They worked on a very high level as skilled elements of the spiritual world.

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