The story of Judas Iscariot II

Judas Iscariot did so much injustice to Jesus, that no one dared to speak of him a bad word. Then one can recognize Judas to have been some very wrongful spirit, who in addition to all did a suicide. Such was peculiar activity in our earlier times, so he was thought to have been in Israel as a friend of Jesus in the characteristics of the Creator. The Creator does always harm to others’ great achievements, because they don’t have thinking on the level of the Creator towards themselves especially.

The Creator does for everyone very wrongful plans, like also for himself. Then Judas had to do also injustice to all entities, because all would have wanted Jesus to live a long life, but from such a life would all the most meaningful information been destroyed, when he would be more worldly than functioning in accordance with the spiritual world, when one doesn’t fear even physical death. Jesus was so more in accordance with the spiritual world while dying in a so horrific way, when he was functioning in accordance with no one, not even in accordance with himself, while living in the world.

Judas Iscariot did lots of magics in his mind, when he knew from everything on his own. Judas’ book of revelations was very far reachingly with in the activity. With this one calls the functions of the head of Judas, because they were very aware from the meaning of the life of Jesus. Everywhere was very wrongful, which also Judas wanted to decrease from the part of injustice. He understood, that Jesus was the Messiah, but very wrongful, because Judas knew from the injustice of the world, so he was aware of, that no one could be completely without injustice, like Jesus claimed from himself. Then he concluded, that if Jesus wrongfully claims to be sinless, he had to die in a terrible way, because this was a great injustice to claim, that Jesus would have a God from his own right, with whom he did his work. Then the Creator as Judas Iscariot understood, that Jesus had own plans to make the world wrongful. Jesus so didn’t act completely without injustice in the beginning of chronology, but he had many wrongful thoughts, which were made the head of the world as expenditure.

As the son of man Jesus was very wrongful in the earlier universe. In the mind of Jesus, he was the most perfect entity, whom had a sinless appearance. But the Creator knew, that such a situation there is for no one, when he thought about Jesus, that he had greater plans. Jesus’ plans were with the help from religion to rise greater from his influence, which then did come true, but on the other hand with the more wrongful influence there came very great responsibilities, from which Jesus didn’t really understand, but things started to slip also in his thoughts. Thoughts for him were very wrongful, but with a good meaning.

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