Date: 20.2.2013

Our outer space is filled with matters of life, into which societies belong. Our societies in the outer space function in very different ways than the society of our planet Earth. The injustices of all entities are very cursing in our societies of outer space. Everywhere, there is injustice as much as one also imagined. Our societies in our outer space function with caste systems very often. Such is very harmful for entities.

The activity of all the wrongful entities compares the Creator to a lesser extent. Everywhere in our outer space one was very scary while thinking of planet Earth, but the inhabitants of the planet Earth have already learned the meaning of injustice in our societies. Then one knows that injustice harms the activity of a society, which is very difficult to learn.

Our wrongdoers in our societies function everywhere in our outer space as well in a similar way, while wrongfulness is harming the effectiveness of a society. The entities of our outer space function very wrongfully on the level of the activity of a society, when their wrongful experiences have to be punished for them always at times. The punishment situations are very irresponsible activity by the punishing groups, when injustice only increases while the punishers punish the ones who did injustice earlier.

The activity of all the punishers is very wrongful activity, when injustice can’t be stopped almost at all, but it increases. No one of our entities in our outer space can do so many matters as what is possible on planet Earth. This is due to the systems of the outer space, in which an ordinary human hasn’t got influencing possibilities in the systems of the outer space, but the influencing possibilities have been taken by the entities that are managing better.

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