The present situation of the world


The Devil has taken under its wings great world leaders, when the Devil’s activity compares in the world accepted activity. Activity accepted in the world includes all injustices as well permitted by the laws of nature. So, no one is finally safe in the world, but in the world, one punishes due to injustices of earlier times in some way always. Into this belongs also war action, which has long traditions.

The ordinary inhabitants of the world accomplish the thoughts of monsters as their own thoughts, because the human is a pack animal, which reads each other’s thoughts, and the leader of the group is assessed to have the widest conception about the surrounding world situation.

Into the world situation of modern times belongs also the all covering injustice of the occultists, which is accomplished with armies, which are as if being in the control of one leader, but the occultists can be in this as a support, without which such conflict situation would hardly take place. Conflict situations are for all more wrongful humans as all covering also high in the systems of the world on the level of appreciation.

Conflict situations are very great from their proportions also in later times, which is more suitable than continual leaving without a punishment. This does not mean direct punishments, but conflicts punish everyone in our world, who suffer from this activity. No one is perfect, which causes wrongful activity to all.

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