The powers of darkness
The powers of darkness aren’t more wrongful than other powers either, because the powers of darkness are made in the guidance of angels like are other powers also. In our darkness there are lots of things on a high level, from which we aren’t aware of on our planet Earth. On a high level in our powers there is more of to do, because the powers are very meaningful to all our entities.

The powers of the light and the powers of the darkness function in cooperation in the spiritual world. From the powers of darkness one gains knowledge with the help from the light. In our darkness one acted more specially, because the activity of darkness is more wondrous than the activity of the light. Everywhere one acted very wrongfully in earlier times, from which dues the declaration of the magic of darkness as wrongful. Everywhere in our darkness one was very wrongfully functioning.

The powers of darkness are very wrongful, because of that they have very wrongful activity in comparison with the power of the light. It so grows with the help from injustice, when again the light gives strength more righteously.

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