Date: 30.11.2013

Our entities have very competent functions in modern times, because all our entities have a very comfortable system, in which they can develop their know-how. The systems of all the know-how is very gripping, because competence is very advancing and meaningful activity. With competence, one did lots of injustice everywhere also in the systems of the Creator. So our competence is wrongful very little.

The Competent entities function everywhere in accordance with our injustice. Our entities have very long traditions in their competence. Then our entities have very little lacks of competence. The competencies of all our entities come forth as functions of spirit entities, which are very odd. Also the Creator knows no matter what surprisingly.

Our level of competence is very high in our societies, which function well on the level of the system. So the functions of the spirit entity come forth, which require less from the environment than we can even imagine. So the spirit entity can act in very ascetic situations in accordance with all reason, and the spirit entity doesn’t require vast material resources as support.

The spirit entities of all our entities function so without resources the best, because the spirit entity becomes suppressed from all unnecessary or extra, which it should take notice. Nowhere is activity of the spirit entity like in our system on planet Earth as a whole. Then we are as inhabitants of planet Earth the most competent as users of the functions of spirit entities.

With our spirit entities, one acted wrongfully, when from the spirit entity is required wrongful activity towards some other. So is injustice given birth caused by the spiritual world, because the spiritual world punishes all the injustice in some way. So entities become punished without them knowing it with the help from the spiritual world. This requires in relation to competence slightly special arrangements, because always one shouldn’t punish entities, in their own opinion, like they are being punished. In the own opinion of entities, punishment is too wrongful most often, so injustice connects also always into competence.

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