Reason to illnesses 



The activity of the spiritual world is very meaningful, nowhere these wasn’t anyone’s more meaningful activity except for your Creator. All entities as well are very meaningful, because from nowhere you’ll find cleaner knowledge either than from the spiritual world. For the problem of entities, one has done all kinds of troubles, which connect into the need to cause problems for all who need those, so that we can watch their activity in such a situation, where also a human is at times.  

Illnesses do very far-reaching influences, in which a human is with a lot by trying to heal oneself as well in accordance with the Creator. So, we gain very meaningful matters as explained for our humans as well, when from them become also humbler in relation to everything. 

As a reason to illnesses is all covering activity of the Creator, which doesn’t have meaning else than the Creator’s punishment. So, we can punish humans due to earlier injustices. As their problems were all wrongful matters, from which develops an illness, because the spiritual world is as the instigator of this, when a human who has become ill functions with lacking features on the level of the spiritual world.  


Reason to illnesses is the Creator’s secret information, nowhere there isn’t as much meaning than in the humans’ physical condition. All occultists as well are fearing illnesses, although otherwise they are in accordance with all wrongfulnesses. From nowhere you’ll find from the occultists matters, from which you’d like, because as their meaning is to find for the occultists suitable ideas, how humans should live in our world. 

From nowhere you have found greater influence than the influencing of the spiritual world. In the spiritual world there are very many entities, which strive to heal other humans as well with the help of the spiritual world. These are most often entities of Heaven. Heaven’s entities have usually all needed with, when the Heaven’s entities can independently select who they’ll help, but all they won’t help, if the one in need of help doesn’t please the inhabitants of Heaven more generally as well.  


The Heaven’s inhabitants have less to do with the original reason of the illness, which is usually as well a punishment caused by the Creator’s system from past and present day lives as well. Then an illness is given birth either by accident or on its own developed due to wrongful spirit entities that have become cursed due to own wrongdoing. Illnesses are also for humans under death penalty, so if a human has to be gotten off from the world, an illness might be as a tool to its executing, into this one finds many reasons. 

Reason to illnesses is very remarkable information biologically. The spiritual world can be able to do biological changes for humans, to accomplish the activity meant by the activity of the spiritual world. Into these can belong pandemics and economical changes. All humans should know, that into the activity of the spiritual world belongs all what is taking place in the world, and nothing is outside its influence. From nowhere you’ll find information comparable with truth in accordance with anyone about the activity of the spiritual world, because this is more secret than you can even imagine. With your imaginings you can achieve guilty for all your problems, but in the end, nothing is someone’s own fault, but all are responsible also from the doings of each other as well. So, everything influences into everything and you are collectively responsible from each other’s matters as one planet at least. 

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