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Q: Are you an angel or how are you like?
A: I’m an angel, who does well to everyone to a lesser extent.
Q: What do you mean with this?
A: I mean that Uriel in one of the angels of Hell.
Q: Aren’t you so an angel of Heaven?
A: I’m not an angel of Heaven, but I’m although, as accepted by the Creator, an angel, who is on the level of Hell only.

Q: What does mean the saying God is my light?
A: It means that God is as a light for everyone on the level of knowing especially, so God is my light means that information gained from God increase our visibility into all kinds of matters.
Q: What is God and what kind of information one gains from Him?
A: God is the Creator of everything, his information is very perfect.

Q: Is the common information of the world true information about you?
A: The common information of the world is just as I want it to be, this doesn’t mean that there is wrong information about Uriel as information of the world.
Q: How have you achieved to gain information about yourself into the world?
A: I’ve done lots of visits from the spiritual world as Uriel, sometime in earlier times, so I’m accepted as an angelic entity quite a lot by the world.

Q: What for are you mentioned in the book of Enoch?
A: Enoch was to me a known human, who knew how to write writings.
Q: How was Enoch known to you?
A: Enoch is a bit known to everyone.
Q: Is there some meaning, that you have been mentioned in the book of Enoch?
A: It is such that Enoch was in an important situation for me, when into the book of Enoch one had to write about me, so that one would know my part from the spiritual world. I’m a public angel, who acts as a role model for angels and humans, so that one would know about the activity of angels in the world.

Q: Are you a God’s messenger?
A: I’m God’s messenger; I have acted as an angel for a very long time on a high level.
Q: What does belong to the job description of a God’s messenger?
A: Into it belongs all the wrongful information, which has to be informed for the world’s humans, such information is wrongful because no one deserves them, although they have to be informed.
Q: How much do you inform matters to the humans of planet Earth?
A: Every day.

Q: Did you inform matters to the prophet Ezra?
A: Prophet Ezra has been informed about matters also, because he could do many kinds of work a bit as a handyman, when angels helped him into a better life, his work being so difficult.
Q: In what kinds of situations do angels help humans the most?
A: In all impossible jobs, because angels have to tell them on a high level truthful information, so that they would succeed in their work, which is important.

Q: Do you rule in the end of the world with other angels?
A: It won’t be so, because angels don’t rule any matters. In our world there are high level functions, which angels uphold, but they aren’t allowed to act as rulers.
Q: What matters do the angels uphold?
A: All kinds of spiritual levels, with which one tunes everyone into right frequency, so that nothing would get out of hand from the spiritual world.

Q: Did you help John the Baptist from the persecution of Herod?
A: John the Baptist truly did survive from the death as a child, but no one knows how he did survive, because no one knew this matter earlier. I saved the life of John the Baptist then.
Q: How did you save John the Baptist?
A: I saved him by coming into the world, where I can act also in our today.

Q: Are you a cherub?
A: I’m an angelic entity, when again cherubs are angels of animals.
Q: Are you so an entity in human form?
A: I’m in human form.

Q: Are you an angel of repentance?
A: I’m not but otherwise, I’m an angel functioning as an angel of repentance.
Q: What does this mean in practice?
A: So I like from matters, which connect to repentance.
Q: What kind of activity do you have connected to repentance?
A: I help penitents to act better in our societies.

Q: Did you act in some way in Eden?
A: I didn’t act in Eden.
Q: Where does it due from, that you are thought, in some information, to have acted in Eden?
A: Because the religious want me with into their information about Eden.
Q: What meaning could be as a reason to connect you into the information of Eden?
A: Because I’m so manly.

Q: Did you warn Noah about the coming flood?
A: I did warn.
Q: What did you tell him?
A: To Noah I said that the Creator will punish all other humans.
Q: Did Noah believe you?
A: Noah did believe me. In our systems of the Creator I’m very meaningful, when also Noah believed me.

Q: On what kind of area are you living in?
A: I live on this kind of very high level area of the spiritual world, this is called as Hell as well, but here is everything that I need as this kind of entity.
Q: How does that area differ from planet Earth?
A: Here is high level activity, from which is talked about to no one, because here is slightly more different than there in the world.
Q: Why one doesn’t talk about it to anyone?
A: So that there one wouldn’t know enough to increase wrongfulness.

Q: How do you act as an angel in modern times?
A: I act a bit differently than the angels of Heaven, because I’m in Hell. As an angel of Heaven I could function although, but the Creator wants me to be in Hell, because I’m a so perfect angel for the level of Hell.
Q: What for aren’t you in Heaven like other angels similar to you?
A: Because angels have high level tasks on different areas and on this day I’m on the level of Hell, because high level angels live anywhere and not only in Heaven.

Q: How is your relationship with religion?
A: Religions are activity accepted by the angels, because then angels can heal thoughts, while humans are slightly sillier than the pagans.
Q: Does the religiosity of humans cause so better connection to angels than irreligion?
A: Humans find, with the help from religion, better connection to angels, better than with their own activity without religion.

Q: How are you like from your outward appearance?
A: I’m this kind of human in his thirties, who has got golden hair, I’m male of course.
Q: What kind of clothing do you wear?
A: My clothing is jeans and hell of a large boots. I use also a jacket, it is made from jeans.
Q: Are there some special working tools for the work of an angel?
A: There aren’t, I act in this way, because also the Creator acts completely as an ordinary human. One only creates from us angels, in the Creator’s system, super entities similar to angels, to do work, but the actual angels live like others.

Q: Do you help the world’s humans?
A: I help the world’s humans by interfering into the matters of Hell.
Q: What kinds of matters do you interfere in?
A: I interfere into matters, from which isn’t allowed to say more.
Q: How do the world’s humans experience your help?
A: So that Hell functions for everyone in a similar way regardless of the abilities or intelligence of humans.

Q: What does belong to your daily activity?
A: I’m a wrongful entity; I don’t do much good matters.
Q: What kinds of things do you do?
A: I do all kinds of activity of humans.

Q: From where have you come to be?
A: I have come to be through the birth of angels from a certain Creator’s appliance.
Q: In which way are angels given birth?
A: Angels are given birth in our systems of the Creator in some wrongful function in thoughts; I don’t know from this much myself either.
Q: How is this Creator’s appliance like?
A: The Creator’s appliance is some spirit entity, which has everything thought out very wrongfully.

Q: How is the planet Earth’s future according to your knowledge?
A: On our planet Earth there are very bad views, because no one is very good to your planet Earth.
Q: Where do you know this from?
A: I’ve studied the matters of planet Earth, such belongs to my activity.
Q: Is there some improvement to come for planet Earth?
A: Planet Earth is messed up in the Creator’s system, so that no one would get to know more about the situation of planet Earth, I can’t talk more about this.

Q: What should one know about your matters on planet Earth?
A: That Uriel has understood everything, what one needs to know about planet Earth, in a slightly occultic way.
Q: What meaning do you have for the inhabitants of planet Earth?
A: That I’m one of the planet’s angels, with whom one does sacred activity in the Creator’s system with our system on the level of Hell.

Q: Are demons opponents of the angels?
A: Angels are slightly dangerous to demons, when demons don’t like from angels due to this. Demons are slightly more foolish than angels, but demons are good although when though in a final way. In our systems of the Creator one is in this way opposing to others, so that everything would be developed from very different features.

Q: How is your relationship with the divinity?
A: The divinity is in our hierarchy a very different human, because he has power into angels’ matters, although we aren’t in direct dealings with each other. Such compares slightly our chief executive officer, from whom we know only through other route.
Q: What is the meaning of the divinity?
A: The divinity acts as a chief executive officer for our angels.

Q: How is your relationship with Jesus?
A: Jesus is slightly wrongful entity of the spiritual world, which has word power also into angels’ matters. This is due to his special features.
Q: Are you in dealing with Jesus?
A: I’m not but at times, because angels are within the activity of Jesus.

Q: What is your relationship with Satan?
A: This is slightly wrongful information, because also Jesus belongs on the level of Satan into angels’ matters. My relationship is very wrongful information, which I don’t want to mention, because from Satan has been written slightly misguidedly in earlier times on our planet Earth.

Q: Are you happy with your life?
A: A self-evident question, everyone should be happy with their life, when I’m content also with my life.

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