Problem VII: Living in accordance with the doctrines of all the churches 


From their doctrines the churches had very much meaning from our activity as well. When you have built magnificent churches, you’ll come better along with the help of the spiritual world, because those buildings as well are from their functions the most magnificent, so your appreciation towards the spiritual world are in very great proportion. Although by living in accordance with the doctrines of the churches you are very much in accordance with other churches. So, the activity of your churches is very wrongfulness decreasing. From nowhere you’ll gain into your churches more peculiar activity than by acting paganistically, from which will always come punishments, because the churches have to be always held as sacred places, and the paganistic activity added to it isn’t watched in our eyes as advancing. Because in your churches there will always come slightly problems to the personal life of humans, you are slightly wrongful with your churches, but as a safe environment this isn’t more wrongful than what would take place to matters without the operational environment brought by church. All churches are very wrongful, but when compared into the life of a human they indeed are sacred places, including also the paganistic churches. 

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