Timeline position Before of the last ice age – Beginning of the last ice age

Before the ice age happened so, that the northern peoples had super activity then, because the climate was warmer. Also, in the south there was very difficult with the northern nations because the humans of the south there were more, which led to difficulties due to mixing. Then humans had too many problems due to other human species, which caused conflicts and discord between different species. Because different species has very much need to defend their own land. Own land was very important, because with the help of it one could increase own people to become greater and so either conquer the areas of opponents or defend from the attacks of opponents. Nowhere these was so great activity than in the north. This was due to it, that the creator had become to like more temperate atmosphere and so caused problems to other peoples, with these peoples knowing the Creator. This was slightly wrongful from the Creator, but the Devil did not allow all to know the Creator on the level of spirit and so was given birth permissible problems, and no one could blame the Creator, because all had the understanding of the Creator as a soulful entity.


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