Message from the Wheel of time from the spiritual world VI


Everywhere one was very meaningful, from which dues all changes of the state of being into holier. While acting so you will gain your thinking cleansed from your injustices of earlier times. Because nowhere there was all covering wrongdoing either, except at times, you are able to accomplish your all covering activity. The Wheel of time either, is not more in accordance with you, unless there is a reason of the spiritual world into this. So, you are not able in accordance with the Wheel of time to act in your all covering system either, unless one acted in accordance with the Wheel of time for the development of all the intelligence. The intelligence of modern times is going into better direction not until you have observed yourselves as more foolish due to some unknown reason than what your Creator is. So as soulful and not possessed by side person entities is your future much better than on this day your situation is.  

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