Message from Jesus from the spiritual world VII

Jesus as well knows how to channel quite wrongful stories, where one doesn’t notice anyone’s well-being, but one only tells about the injustices of the entities of the spiritual world towards the humans of the world. As a message of Jesus are very wrongful assignments for our church as well. Jesus doesn’t accept modern priesthood very well. They live very bordered life, while being on the level of officials from their functions, and don’t show love as so good humans as one has at some time been.

Jesus as well had good experiences from all covering injustice with the help from our religions as well. This is slightly cryptic information, because Jesus has accepted also crusades, only Jesus doesn’t accept those courses of action, with which also Christianity have been tried to spread, while this being as an instrument of power. We aren’t capable to anything in the spiritual world for the occultists, if the Creator and the Creator’s appliance don’t prevent this activity, because the outsiders are destroying everything in any case in accordance with their possibilities.

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