Message from Jesus from the spiritual world 24.


You are good for your humans in modern times, but Jesus’ situation is still better than what you have been able to achieve. Into the activity of Jesus belongs all denying of rewarding, so that no one starts to be too punctually functioning. So, no one has in their knowledge a reward from good deeds, but all have a right to be good for your humans. You are not in any way very good to anyone, but Jesus comes into this as a help, that you would be good for all, also for your humans. Because you are functioning in accordance with the Creator, you do not want to do better things than what the Creator expects from you also by requesting, but Jesus has a more saving plan of the world, when you are very different than what you are due to Creator’s grace. From anywhere you will not find Creator’s deals either except by functioning by Jesus as well to save all wrongful. It is not a nice matter, that the wrongful vanish from the universe at certain intervals, so into this one should cause repairment works, so that no one would start to be so wrongful as it is possible when acting in accordance with the Creator.


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