Message from demon Onoskelis from the spiritual world II


Men either, are not very good to Onoskelis, because this is a very good measure, that men would want Onoskelis for their own, because she is so astonishingly looking. But no one can gain Onoskelis as their own, but all have to as askance state, Onoskelis to be less like a foolish woman only sitting on a couch. Onoskelis does many plans just in case if they try to take her as their target. This often connects to sexual intercourse, from which Onoskelis does not like, unless this is originating from herself. Accomplishing of all lusts does not suit into Onoskelis’ activity, but in interaction there has to be mutual interest, and this is not going to succeed by force, although how much she would try to be seduced. Onoskelis is not any minor demon, but she accomplishes dictatorial functions like all demons have often as the case. So, Onoskelis is in very great proportion also accomplishing the plan of the Creator, without being with him more peculiarly within activity.  

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