Message from Beelzebub from the spiritual world 8.


You are to beggars good in these days, but you can not accomplish your own desires in very great scale of yours. These desires are the loveliest according to all the hateful humans, but on the other hand animalistic to be butchered rejoices produces by humans’ body striving for emotions, which all covering injustice is blooming always when one bumps into such here in your Hell as well. These body’s sensations have such a tempting meaning, with which one tests the level of humans there in the world, in which all will be tested also such good from their feeling being extrovert cannibals, which eat the intelligence of the mind of other humans and the sensation of peace. Into their words hides such a meaning, that there should be more intelligent activity, than what the activity of such fools is, where one strives to intercept also foolish commenting, which meaning is only to make matters according to own desire. Finally the activity of such humans is being guided by side person entities, which have very little to do with the activity of souls, but they function independently, guiding the activity of such humans instead of that the soul would have in possession the body of this human in a final way, when nothing external does not bring additional information but all takes place with the help of the soul in an original manner. The soul of a human rarely learns directly from external matters anything new, but through processing the soul understands new point of views, which one can say to be orthodox learning.


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