Message from angel Michael from the spiritual world I


As a message from Michael was all covering gaming activity, which the Creator as well goes in for. According to angel Michael gaming functions are good for upholding combat readiness on a spiritual level. According to angel Michael, all wrongful angels have become destroyed in modern times from our world, including Michael. This attempt to become let into the world was prevented by the occultists, because this would have restricted the abilities of the occultists to influence into the matters of the spiritual world, so when said literally, the occultists feared the intelligence of the angels, it being on the level of the spiritual world.

The activity of the spiritual world is always unexpected, but angels can know something about the activity of the future. While acting so, you can gain all in order, when angels can come onto the earth to live as angels from the spiritual world. Angel Michael as well drinks off at times, and is bad to his fellow men, but he has been accustomed to warrior likeness as an angel as well.

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