Listenings of the forest VII

Q: Who are there here in the forest?
A: Who there might be here, only ilus talk here to you.
Q: About what are you talking to me?
A: What might be talked about? According to ilus, is a location quite nearby the Creator.
Q: Do you so wish to talk about the Creator and this location?
A: We want very much.
A: Then talk about these topics.
Q: All had to do much injustice, so that we’d gain also the injustices of our ilus accomplished. All had to do so the most peculiar topics to be told.
Q: I’m ready to hear your story.
A: Our story is such, that nowhere there is very meaningful activity neither by the Creator. The Valar as well listen to this channeling very nearby. The Valar as well listen to this storytelling.
Q: What does the Valar have to say?
A: Nothing to tell for you to talk. Our Creator’s consciousness of reality has slightly expanded during these years. Also the Valar do slightly mishaps, so you as well have to listen to our storytelling.
Q: About what do the Valar want to talk about in this situation?
A: Information also in accordance with the occultists.
Q: How are these information like?
A: They are very great from their proportions. We can’t tell more than this. The Valar went away already.
Q: What would there be to listen here still?
A: The occultists as well are slightly greater from our meaning as well.
Q: What would you like to tell about?
A: About some very great activity at the time of the dinosaurs.
Q: Tell so about what you’d like to tell?
A: I’d like to tell, that the occultists kill you still once, if you won’t give them peace.
Q: How does one give this peace?
A: The occultists will destroy you more disgustingly than is even imagined. This dues from slightly matters greater from their proportions.


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