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You are good in all your ways, while being more healthy to all your entities. You don’t gain from the occultists either a permission to be more wrongful, if you are unhealthy to yourselves. All humans are slightly more healthy to themselves, because all are exercising very wrongfulness increasing activity in regard to their own health. All nourishment habits are the most wrongful while the nourishment habits being in all ways more wrongful than you even imagine.

Because all had very wrongful comfortable activity, don’t all understand from this comfort, in which all have a good feeling, so that nothing dangerous to health is done, but one is only in one’s own pure body with good mind. Then the body as well needs less food more unhealthily and one still has a fresh feeling. All food as well is very wrongful activity, which shouldn’t be eaten more unhealthily. So the body gains nourishment better with its own functions spiritually and physically.

These kinds of features come in use not until one is in the guidance of one’s soul better than by acting with side persons, which eat the purity of body and the use of reason. Only this is impossible to perform as a whole by only breathing, because into the life of humans belongs wrongfulness as well, when you can’t do more healthy activity very well.

Because all have very great proportions in relation to everything, you can’t do anything more meaningfully, when all the matters of life disappear from everywhere.

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