Date: 17.11.2013

Our entities of outer space have a very different system than we have, that is why the entities of outer space have developed new appliances also with our help. All our appliances are different from what the entities of outer space have. The appliances are different, because the entities of outer space are more wrongful than us on our planet Earth.

In our outer space, there are very different appliances than what we have. The appliances of our outer space are smaller than our corresponding appliances, but although they are more powerful than our corresponding appliances. During a long development work, you have made lots of advancing matters into your technologies, but in the outer space, there are technologies being developed during a much longer period of time. Then your technologies are outdated in the opinion of the entities of outer space.

The descriptions of technologies are very wrongful to tell the ones from another planet, but we can tell although some descriptions from the self-produced technologies used in the outer space. In our outer space there are hammers, which function electromagnetically. Like you understood, such appliances are very small sized and powerful relative to their size.

In our outer space, one did appliances also for other entities and not alike on planet Earth only for the entities of one’s own planet. The technologies made for the entities of outer space are very wrongful activity, because then the planet’s resources were used to support outside entities. Then the planets lessen, which influences into all thinking. This concerned also the trading situations outside solar systems.

In our outer space, there is flight equipment armed with all kinds of peculiarities, so the flight equipment functioned very wrongfully. This is due to their speed, which is a lot more than what we can think of as a velocity. These kinds of appliances are on very high level appliances accepted by the Creator, with which one does lots of good by moving humans from area to area, so by changing place humans, also on the planets of the outer space, can learn new things from other entities living further away.

The appliances of the spiritual world are very functioning solutions for even all the most wrongful activity. Very wrongful are the armed forces, which include at our entities of outer space all covering wrongful functioning. For example, our entities of outer space have been said to have peculiar submarines, which fly as well. Such is possible with dimensional waves, which are given birth by vibrating in movement at so fast speed, that such speed can’t be achieved without very complicated materials.

In our outer space, there are appliances, which can do very high level magical activity. This is due to that the entities of outer space can make from appliances very complicatedly functioning, when they appear to be very natural from their functions, while being as complicated as biological entities are, for example.

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