Published 28.11.2016

The high level creation of angels takes place guided by angels themselves, when a human feels the happening function of angels in their brain functions. Into this a human couldn’t be capable by himself, but into this one needs help of the spiritual world. This is very demanding, because from angels there is so much benefit, that all high level functions do in our functions writings of the level of angels for the level of the spiritual world.

In our spiritual world one acted wrongfully. but angels act all inclusively while angels act very peculiarly. Our angels there were very many also in earlier times, executing the level of activity of the Creator always so as the angels saw good. With our angels one made so much catastrophic activity, because angels are immortal, they don’t suffer from spiritual death either, unlike our mortal humans. So they managed to create plans for our humans, which took place after a very long era also.

Creating of angels is very high level magical phenomenon, when there isn’t at all different kind of thinking. But all takes place with high level features of the spirit. This creates a perfect loup phenomenon, with which one can do functions in the spiritual world eternally, because angels are eternal entities, which have a perfect thinking from this part that they are created from.

Angels have lots to discuss also as humans of the world, because they have information on matters much more than an ordinary human has. The knowledge of angels functions very literally in this world, where angels have also catastrophic activity at times.

In the creating of angels there is the spiritual world with, when angels are being made in all possible situations. This phenomenon of creating of angels is ancient, when angels have existed for ages and times. One did much injustice to angels in earlier time so, that the activity of angels was so as if there would have been worse entities, and angels themselves were the only entities that were right. With this kind of thinking angels might cause problems.

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