You aren’t ever one the level of the Creator from your functions, before the creator entities exit from our universe, when they’ll build a new universe world for themselves and other entities of theirs. From everywhere came occultists in accordance with this writing to do injustice to these creator entities, so that they would not participate into wrongdoing, but the occultists would break everything without the opposition of the creator entity neither. Such is beneficial, because all entities have that much tendency to doing injustice, that such injustices of creator entities have to be prevented with other entities.

From everywhere came forth monstrous matters from earlier times and from this day as well. We aren’t able to although prevent wrongdoing, because one has to proceed punishments for our planet Earth as well. You aren’t able into other than to accomplish matters wanted by us, because the spiritual world holds everything in its reins, and doesn’t let anyone to do anything wrongful, which the one experiencing injustice hadn’t deserved. At times anyone suffers from injustice of earlier times, which the one who has experienced injustice has done earlier in his lives as a spirit entity. This is best to believe to be so, because the spiritual world doesn’t either like from the humans rebelling against it, but experiences them as wrongful towards the universe world, which is activity under doom to destruction.

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