All your humans are on these days very bad for your leadership, because everyone has freedom of speech in their use, and no one is being punished from not even wrongful using of words in public either. This kind of situation is very peculiar, because we have in the spiritual world held loyalty to our leadership as very typical activity of humans. By continuing so you will come into conflict easier in later times, if you won’t gain your tired out humans better in the reins. These tired out humans cause great feelings of shame for the human masses equipped with better functions. Because you are so wrongful, we can’t serve your matters enough in our opinion in the spiritual world.

Your influence as humans of the world is very wrongful to look at by our entities of Heaven, because you aren’t able to think as well-balanced due to your tired out state. This tiredness is possible to become healed also with the Creator’s magic, and with own rebellions of thoughts, which aren’t influencing outwardly. On the other hand all of this is very new for other humans, that they are allowed to rebel outwardly as visible without greater problems, so we experience this to be fascination of newness, when one can rebel and from it there doesn’t follow anything more peculiar. Earlier this kind of was activity under death death sentence, from which we neither liked.


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