You are again wrongful according to Isis as well, when Isis is an entity of the Creator’s appliance from its past life. Such entities of the Creator’s appliance functintion in very great scale, when no one can do anything without the permission of the spiritual world. All your tax inspectors as well are very wrongful less than was even imagined, because no one while doing work does injustice as much as was imagined. We are very demanding with the connections of the spiritual world, when we also are under all the demand.

Because everywhere one did injustice, you don’t notice all the warnings of the spiritual world in relation to our activity. So you are very wrongful, and not very good to all your entities. We are slightly more wrongful than you on your planet Earth, but we act slightly differently than you, when we are wiser in our wrongfulness. Because one couldn’t do more injustice ever, because all are functioning in accordance with the spiritual world’s plan, when nowhere takes place injustice without activity of the spiritual world for us to cause this.

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