You have done also in accordance with the occultists your matters, which causes grudges from the quarter of all the more developed humans, because your nations do not accomplish the wishes of humans but the plans of the occultists. So, you gain surprising knowledge about the spiritual world also and you won’t only accomplish your own desires, which are not very forwards taking. Because everywhere was the most peculiar activity as well, we can do from your lives including both good and bad. So, you can in all kinds of ways of ours make large scale conflicts. Conflicts accomplish the change processes of the world’s systems, into which is needed true action, and all cannot advance in peace, because conflicts have greater influences than what one can accomplish during the time of peace.

During time of peace accumulates to all mammon, but the spiritual world does not appreciate this, but resources should be used otherwise also than for building up own stockpiles, when you understand from this as well, that during time of peace matters do not advance by thinking society as well as by the influence of a war. By thinking of all the warriors, you are not better folk, but always under threat due to the will power of the more wrongful, with which the more miraculous reasons for wars have been achieved at certain intervals.


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