All good stories are always thoughts that are completely wrong, because the spiritual world doesn’t ever believe naive thoughts almost at all, but the spiritual world believes into facts it holds as accepted, in which there is no room for misconceptions. All humans as well were good for our humans only and solely, that they fear there will come problems to themselves otherwise. This is good to know, that the human is a very wrongful entity, and not in reality wanting matters to take place as advanced, because this kind of thinking is an impossibility, because no one has ability to govern so difficult systems with their own functions.

For the governing of the systems there have been only gained standardized measures, but there is still lots to develop that all could be better than in modern days. Everywhere functions so the Creator’s systems, with the help from which you are in very great proportion doing wrongful activity to all our humans as well. All the Creator’s systems are in accordance with the entities of the neutrino world, so it functions from the greatest to the smallest also on this day, although it seems chaotic from the point of view of the world’s humans, there is a fractal like functionality, in which nothing is left unnoticed.


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