Never you think too much about the spiritual world, but you leave this for yourselves. So, you can with safe minds experience you to be better than others, which becomes accomplished very weakly in reality. But lonely humans know that they are not greater than others, because they did not happen to dominate anyone in their life, so delusions of grandeur are not let into the mind’s functions to poison the activity of own soul. In reality everywhere one was good with all covering injustice as well a bit less than was even imagined. So, greatness and paucity are both slightly twisted thoughts in relation to others, because no one is more important than other else than in humans’ own trickeries, but the spiritual world makes imaginings for humans’ belief, so that they would gain humans to act in a certain way. Without the guidance of the spiritual world would a yet greater chaos prevail, into which there is no exit without all covering system, where humans’ consciousnesses as well are in our control.

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