As the daily channeling on this day is thinking of activity making very great proportions. Into this belongs much mystical information about the activity of the universe. You aren’t able into these kinds of information on the level of researches with the help of science, because all visible matter as well is completely created by the spiritual world and guided. You can only follow this activity, but you never can understand the coincidences made by the spiritual world truly, it being concealed by the spiritual world.

From everywhere came very wrongful activity in modern times, so you aren’t able to achieve anything greater with your own strength. The spiritual world does for all very wrongful events also after modern times, but you can maybe guess that matters will become easier after modern times, on the other hand this is relative as well, while thinking of nature. Because no one can do matters in a completely right manner, you’ll do later very much problem solutions with the help from us. With our assistance your enemies as well will keep you on your toes, so that they wouldn’t gain authorization for destruction activity.

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